Study: Nurturing Individual Goals & Needs

Believe it or not didn’t start thinking about individual strengths and needs until after leaving two schools I’d been a member of a decade prior.

Why?  Well I think Jiu-Jitsu for me back then filled a social role, so naturally the needs and flavor of the Schools became my own.

While the above wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, it left me at the whim of the collective, away from the driver’s seat of:  ‘What am I looking to get out of Jiu-Jitsu, and how well are those needs being met both by myself and those around me?’

To me this represents the start of a mature Jiu-Jitsu relationship, where we’re looking for best fits.  Nothing need be taken personally because the responsibility of fulfillment rests primarily within ourselves.

Bonus Note:  If enjoyment isn’t one of your top needs, prepare for crap days on the mat for no reason.  Simple idea in theory, but can’t tell you how many times I’ve sacrificed Joy for useless comparing, lusting after progression, and getting into other people’s business.  Good vibes are too humble for these things! ;o)


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