Study: Finding Principles

If there are ‘invisible’ details to positions, ‘principles’ represent invisible understandings hidden in plain sight.

So, thought it would be cool to discuss ‘uncovering’ these hidden principles.

Well, first things first, principles are in essence finding and describing what’s already there on a broader, conceptual level.  Usually, I copy a position first and really try to understand what’s going on:

What are the key components that make it work, and can they be applied to other positions?

A great example of the above is the amount of leverage achieved when framing with the bottom half of our forearm.  For that sake of fun we’ll call that the Mjolnir Principle, and it can be applied everywhere from elbow escapes, to Cross-Sides Bottom framing, and Guard Recovery:


Next, you can deepen even this understanding by studying why Mjolnir works anatomically:

Since we’re using the arm closer to it’s fulcrum at the shoulder we’re using the back and core muscles which are exponentially stronger than the triceps/biceps engage when using the lower part of the forearm…

And remember, this framing is just ONE tiny aspect of say a Cross-Sides Escape. Every position is LITTERED with cross-compatible principles , so dig deep and happy mining. =)


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