Wellness: Free Will, States Of Mind, & Choice

Had a discussion with a Coach several years back about free will and choice, in which he referenced the classic study of Benjamin Libet demonstrating decisions to move before we are conscious of them:


While I think this is true, I also believe the choices we make are a partial result of the state we’re in at the moment.  If we are feeling fulfilled and at peace with a relative low amount of mental chatter, we’re less likely to take conflict oriented action compared to when our mind is racing.

Related to the above, clearer the state we’re in, the more we’re going to see a continuum of choice, and feel possibility.

In applying these ideas to training, similar to the weather, fluctuating states of mind are human nature where ego acts as gasoline for whatever we’re feeling at the moment; so it’s important not to identify with being on top of the world or down in the dumps as BOTH are illusory.

The cool thing about Jiu-Jitsu is it can serve as a microcosm of this process as everyone has had the feeling where they are finally progressing, only to get stomped the next training session, when in fact neither are necessarily true.

Lesson: Take training in stride, don’t pour on the gas, and enjoy yourself.



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