Guard: Mobile Hips & Angles

Have been thinking a bit about Guard and ‘New’ versus ‘Old’ School understanding and approaches thanks in part to the following speech by Chris Haueter (evolution of Guard play covered @ 15:02-18:00):

My thought here if you lay flat on your back, or in a given Guard, it’s just a matter of time before you’re sussed because the hips stay at the same angle.  It’s a beginner approach based on us having more knowledge of a position and waiting for mistakes.

For moblie hips, you still have to dial in and maximize the unique pressure of a particular leg configuration as above, but the next step is combining it with the pressure of other Guards.

You don’t have to move like crazy or anything, thereby creating lots of activity but little achievement; so think of this like good footwork in boxing that keeps opponents off balance and unsure where the attack it coming from:

The goal keeping the top player uncomfortable and off balance just enough to keep their mind off passes, and to probe for holes in structure and understanding.



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