Mindsets: Waiting Vs. Moving

The old school Jiu-Jitsu mentality was Jiu-Jitsu versus everyone else, where secrecy was at a premium.  What’s hilarious about this was back in the day we prided ourselves on dominating the untrained athletic tough guy or wrestler off the street who knew zero Jiu-Jitsu…

The obvious problem with the above is the flawed premise of ‘progression’ dictated on an opponents lack of knowledge.  By contrast, modern sport starts at the assumption of our competition having both knowledge of us and the game.

Back to the untrained/unskilled assumption, while I still thinking waiting for mistakes and patience are critical to good technique (otherwise were running over people without rhyme or reason), the complete BJJ needs to balance patience with movement.

That is, just like a boxer with good footwork, we’re assuming the opposition knows how to box, so we’re never giving them a stationary platform to attack.  No more laying flat on our back and waiting for a mistake.

Keep in mind, the waiting mentality was extremely energy efficient, but remember that people can and do move for hours at a time in marathon running through practice.  As such, we need to drill and be as energy efficient as possible in creating and selecting techniques.

To conclude, don’t expect your opponent to be garbage, and dial up both pressure and elusiveness through smart, tactical movement honed through practice.



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