Cross-Side Bottom Defense: Re-Thinking Head Positioning

There’s a long held defensive idea in Jiu-Jitsu of attaching our head to the mat to help prevent it from being cross-faced/underhooked.

While there’s value in this idea, it’s very context dependent, because if there’s space I want to sit up into that space.  Also, in many cases it doesn’t matter if my opponent tries to cross-face because it gives me an arm to manipulate, especially if done when the top players hips are out of position.

More generally, an error I feel we’ve made in Jiu-Jitsu is thinking of dominant positions as being isolated, seperate, and distinct from one other.  Of course each geography is different, but each of these positions are connected via a transition, and I believe most escape problems can be solved with the similar if not the same principle, albeit modified.

Conversely, have been thinking about domination similarly by looking at ways of uniting control strategies of Mount Top, Side Control Top, and Quarter Top with one or two concepts.  Again, the geographies are different, but the principles should be the same just modified.

Remember, it’s a natural law that everything is connected to everything else via relationship, so try create with the bigger picture in mind! =)


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