Cross-Sides Top: New-School Domination

When I started training, Mount was the end all be all position.


The two primary reasons was it demonstrated you could Dominate Guard Top, Pass Guard, Dominate Cross-Sides, Transition To Mount, and Dominate Mount.  That’s five, count em’ FIVE victories yo!

Secondly, and this goes back to trying to understand the individual advantages and disadvantages of a particular position, the bulk of Domination from Mount is done with our legs, leaving both hands free to strike or choke.

New-School domination appreciates and embraces positional distinctions, but assumes the bottom player KNOWS Jiu-Jitsu and can defend well, so the game becomes more about the transitioning between positions than the positions themselves.

So be heavy, and be water my friend.  Guess that’s what I’m getting at here.  It’s not about dominating a particular position anymore so much as being generally heavy so no matter how the bottom player counters, they are feeling your body weight and the respective threat of a given position at all times.

Going to have to start re-formatting blog titles to reflect this thinking. =)


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