Jiu-Jitsu & The Force Part 3: Possibility

Talked about potential as it relates to mind and insights in the first post, and while ‘possibility’ is similar notion, what we’re moving into is using potential in positive way.

How? While everyone has different gifts, why would you ever put limits on yourself?  The key is coming at Jiu-Jitsu from the highest level of inspiration you can imagine.  That’s harnessing and directing the Force, and the lesson Yoda was trying to impart on Luke in the swamp; that of limitation being a thought projected onto possibility.


My instructor has been a model for possibility, routinely doing and accomplishing things most people would never consider, much less attempt.

In applying this idea the isn’t really anything to ‘do’ so much playing free and being aware of limitations you we give ourselves in the moment.  Really, it’s a state of mind.  When we’re in a positive state we don’t even care about such things because they don’t have any bearing on anything beyond joy-killing. =)

To close, Leo Vieira taking shots on Mark Kerr in his prime, something Jiu-Jitsu players in Kerr’s own weight category wouldn’t do at the time!:


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