Training: Conceptual Training

Having done Positional Training with a primary focus on Cross-Sides Bottom the past few years, resisted the idea training a concept because it felt like a ‘forcing things approach’ instead of the classic Jiu-Jitsu idea of taking what the opponent gives you.

This leads us to the difference between Conceptual and Positional Training in that Positional Training is geography based but open ended, while Conceptual Training is about applying a concept in as many different geographies as possible:

What brought me full circle was realizing that every technique applied in a positional scenario is still conceptually based, so why wouldn’t you train a concept?  It’s like arguing that since Jiu-Jitsu is a flowing, transition based art, you shouldn’t position drill.

For the curious, what spurned this insight has been an increased interest in movement as a concept, as well as specific movements.  Love the idea of being able to get happy, productive training sessions in by myself when a training partner cancels instead of getting pissed and doing nothing.




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