Training: Creativity & The Creed Factor



Realizing more and more how traditional BJJ was when I started training in the mid-1990s.  Secrecy was still at a premium in some camps back then (some individuals STILL have problems with Rener and Ryron selling lessons online 20 years later!!) and we would basically throw a person off the street into sparring with little or no training.

For the training itself, sparring WAS the training after 10-20 positional reps with varying degrees of progressive resistance during class.

Compare this with the dozens if not hundreds of ways Rocky and Adonis were able to get work done in the movie ‘Creed.’  What I took away from that movie more than anything else is that training and drilling are about creativity…

With a little creativity and imagination we can make anything work. So, the thought for the day is think about what you want to get done and realize there are a million ways to get there.

Have fun and play accordingly!

Sugar Ray Robinson with Jump Rope


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