Training: Re-Thinking Speed

Still catch myself trying to ‘go fast’ to ‘beat’ my training to the next position.  This urge is probably the toughest to resist when a training partner is in competition mode and explodes to compensate for lack of timing and technique.

Naturally, not helping the situation by responding in kind! ;o)

So, a couple thoughts on speed are, the fastest movements are the relaxed ones we don’t have to think about.  In this respect ‘trying’ to move fast means we’re already behind on a couple different levels.

Secondly, trusting relaxation, we’ll deal with what’s in front of us in the moment instead of racing for 50/50 chances.  Call it ‘going behind to get ahead.’

Finally, to reiterate the first point, if you have to do something fast you don’t know it; otherwise it would just happen.  This is where drilling can come in handy!



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