Training: Balancing Fun & Method

It’s been somewhat of a weird year that’s garnered a healthy respect for both enjoying training and efficacy of method.

The problem is a methodical approach to training can be tedious and boring, especially for the non-professional lifestyle practitioner.

Still, I think any serious practitioner who wants to progress their Jiu-Jitsu needs to develop a methodological intelligence over time.

How do we do this while still remaining as fresh and enthusiastic about Jiu-Jitsu as 5th Grader on the brink of summer break?

Well, I think it’s good to have SOME direction, but to bring fun back into the fold, we do whatever the hell we want and notice the results. =)

Used to think having fun meant giving up some smarts, but was probably thinking shallow, escapist type fun versus a naturally creative, present orientation.  These are two totally different things, even though they’re often packaged together:

Deep play exists for the sake of itself being innocent and therefore free.  A free mind is a learning machine that can turn mess into method and method into miracle, while being bound by no-thing.



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