Training: Whole Brain Fundamentals

Shared recently I’m about 75% happy with my fundamentals, knowing this might not change and could even decrease as my understanding of Jiu-Jitsu increases (hopefully!!).

To the current day, one thing I’ve been working on is learning both sides of Jiu-Jitsu ‘essentials.’

rocky 3 ending

While there’s wisdom in mastering one side, the idea transporting me to the above path was:

‘If a position or transition is good enough to be considered ‘fundamental,’ shouldn’t I learn both sides?’ *keep in mind I have strong sides, and not learning both sides from scratch.*

Something cool is, an unforeseen benefit of this has been making the strong side stronger!


Well, to learn the weaker side, we have to go back and break things down step by step, which deepens our awareness of mechanics that may be taken for granted.  It’s the same concept as teaching for increased awareness.  Naturally, this lends itself to further possible micro-improvements.

Referring previous post and ‘play,’ it’s also just plain fun to drill 360 degrees of something.  I understand the importance of specialization for competition, but there’s a fine line there too in terms of muscle balance, health, and general coordination.

whole brain


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