Study: Systems Vs. Progressions

Have noticed the idea of  ‘BJJ Systems’ in my perusal of BJJ content for sale.

A slight alternative I’m offering to this idea is to think of such information as progressions.  Why?  Because ‘systems’ tend to be associated with closed information loops, while a ‘progression’ is ongoing…

Keep in mind that such progressions/systems are usually refined through heavy doses of trial and error, which is why I usually recommend learning information packaged this way in it’s entirety.  Hence the functional ‘systemic’ aspect.


Also, there’s nothing wrong with cherry picking ideas either, it just helps to understand the context.  We can always go back and re-tool later once we understand the bigger picture!

Happy learnings. =)




Where I Be…

Well guys and gals, continuing to grow my game/understanding, but have been studying a lot of other people’s material that isn’t mine to give away.

So basically don’t know what the hell I’m doing blogging wise in 2016 yet.

To be honest have typed up about 5-10 posts that went non-published the past few months.

First time that’s happened, as probably 95% of stuff sees the light of day in some way shape or form…

Maybe in a sort of a transitional ‘no man’s land’ at the moment?  Who knows.

More On Weathering

Ran post below by a friend and he pointed out sometimes the best way to ‘weather’ is knowing when to take shelter and/or move altogether.

In all honesty, on some level I put myself in every situation where my teeth got kicked in martial arts by trying to prove something to myself, or compensate for something missing.


Not to say being blind-sided never happens, because it does, but I’m way less likely to put myself in, or stay in a toxic situation when all is well in the kingdom.




The Art of Weathering Gym Drama

A friend and law professional once told me he’s repeatedly observed very smart people throw their critical thinking out the door in martial arts contexts.

Why?  There’s probably several reasons including the drama of close physical contact along with threat of joint trauma and loss of consciousness/airway via choke.  You then have all sorts of mythology attached to martial arts, belts, and rankings.  Mix any or all these things together with a misplaced sense of masculinity, and we’re you have mental climates where common sense and objectivity are uphill battles!

This can make things tough on an instructors and advanced belts as well, as we’re often placed on pedestals we haven’t earned in any deep relational sense yet. Therefore, we aren’t doing ourselves any favors to the degree we by into institutional or hearsay type hype because we’re losing the everyday grounding life freely gives us.

Continuing with ‘grounding’, the reality is there’s just the present.  No one is better than anyone else, and yeah I may know more Jiu-Jitsu that you, but who gives as crap?  If all is well, we’re bonding in the spirit of sharing and friendship.

Yes, there may or may not be money involved in the above scenario, but at the end of the day it’s just money. Believing some one is taking food off your table by leaving your team or going to another gym is short-sighted, desperate thinking that will eventually come back to bite if repeatedly acted on; not to mention destroying our sense of wellness in the moment!

Why am I mentioning all this?  Well, realized talking with a friend last night, that at this point in modern Jiu-Jitsu’s evolution, part of the path to Black Belt is weathering gym drama.  That is you likely WILL run into drama, it’s just a matter of degree.

While the preceding drama prophecy may seem fatalistic and negative, keep in mind that enjoyment acts as a suit of armor to drama.  To the degree we enjoy ourselves and the health and wellness benefits of Jiu-Jitsu, we’re not going to get caught up in insecure vibes and behavior.  We’re way less likely to take things personally, and can therefore see things much more clearly for what they are.  So drama or no drama, you’re all good, and/or at least have the perspective of knowing there’s blue sky behind the clouds when you aren’t feeling the warmth. =)

Summary: Enjoy yourself and accept that some gym drama will likely happen during your lifetime on the mat.  Widespread Jiu-Jitsu and information flow is still very much a teenager.  Maturity and professionalism are processes, and need to be treated as such, so  embrace it all with a smile:

spicoli belt ceremony

Study: Giving Integration Time

Going through a bit of a transformation right now, and a suggestion here is taking the time to let things integrate before conceptualizing.

Have had a tendency in the past to try and intellectualize right away, which is putting the cart before the horse as understanding is more of a feel than anything else.

Let it breathe yo!homeboy buddha


Training: NLP & Jedi Mind Tricks

Have been delving back into NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to aid in studying.

What I’ve picked up having been 15 years removed from this field, is NLP is great for short term outcomes, but essentially deals with thought at the level of thought.  In other words, we’re not dealing with anything at a deep level.

Breathing works in the same fashion in that is can help us get out of our heads relative to a task at hand, but doesn’t affect the general space you’re coming from, be it Saint or Douchebag.

In other words, yes you can use NLP and Breathing Techniques to conquer the world and amass fat stacks of cash, but it won’t address fundamental issues of ineptitude if that’s what’s driving everything.


Hopefully this makes sense because I think this stuff can be very useful given the right context.  The problem is it’s often sold as something it’s not to people looking outside for answers they have within.

Balancing Enjoyment & Efficiency

Am working a bit on being more efficient with my Jiu-Jitsu study. =)

Have tried this in the past with mixed to poor results, but difference now is I’m not under any allusion that being more efficient will improve quality of of experience, and even may at times make things a bit more tedious with bigger payoffs at the back end results-wise.

Guess that’s the main point: Better outcomes in terms of skill-building don’t equal joy, but are a result of narrowing down where we want to go, and how we’re going to get there into measurable specifics.

Hell, I don’t even recommend the outcome thing to some people, especially beginners.  Just go out, relax, have a ball and see where it takes you:


More On 2016 Resolutions

Wanted to add to previous post that sometimes achieving ‘the goal’ or getting ‘the thing’ can actually be the next step in moving us forward, so it’s not about materialism versus non-materialism.  Process is more flowing and mysterious than our narrow dualities, and we have to be awake to some degree:





‘Resolutions’ 2016 Offerings

While general directions that feel inspired are great, a problem with goals is they’re  often governed by desires emanating from the jumble of personal thoughts we have about ourselves…

…the good news is those thoughts sit atop a mountain of limitless potential, and believe what we’re really looking for in the idea of ‘goals’ is expressing this potential.

To complement the aforementioned expression, I’m offering the idea of not getting too caught up on the materialistic aspects of goals, as well as being open to the idea that what we want isn’t necessarily what we need.

Hint: What we ‘need’ is usually grounding, sobering, and/or simple.