Training: NLP & Jedi Mind Tricks

Have been delving back into NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to aid in studying.

What I’ve picked up having been 15 years removed from this field, is NLP is great for short term outcomes, but essentially deals with thought at the level of thought.  In other words, we’re not dealing with anything at a deep level.

Breathing works in the same fashion in that is can help us get out of our heads relative to a task at hand, but doesn’t affect the general space you’re coming from, be it Saint or Douchebag.

In other words, yes you can use NLP and Breathing Techniques to conquer the world and amass fat stacks of cash, but it won’t address fundamental issues of ineptitude if that’s what’s driving everything.


Hopefully this makes sense because I think this stuff can be very useful given the right context.  The problem is it’s often sold as something it’s not to people looking outside for answers they have within.


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