The Year of Practice & Book Recommendation

Guess I’m drawn to the idea of ‘themes’ more than goals as last year was all about ‘routine.’

So it’s somewhat ironic that after being ‘direction-less’ theme-wise first six weeks of 2016, have finally settled on ‘practice.’

Conversely, this was probably a natural progression, as ‘practice’ is the nuts and bolts content of each session within a larger routine.  It could even be argued that ‘a’ practice isn’t really practice unless it sits within the context of a larger routine.

How this journey started was buying the book ‘First, Learn To Practice,’ by Thomas Heany:

As suspected halfway into the book, after years of going through technique a few times before sparring, and later even focusing on individual positions for 6-12 months (workshopping), my fine ‘practice’ skills leave something to be desired. =)

One thing Heany writes about extensively is dealing with distraction.  This was a great eye-opener because it helped me appreciate how natural distraction is.  In some respects distraction is how the mind/brain works via association, and something we should expect and strategize for rather than be hard on ourselves about.

Imagine I’ll be posting on this topic extensively, but highly recommend this source first:




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