Mindsets: Discipline vs. Awareness

I’m of the belief that if something takes a lot of discipline, by definition it isn’t sustainable.

In contrast, when you’re at the right level of awareness things are easy because there’s moderate to zero internal struggle.

Would also add that while most times acquiring complex skill-sets like Jiu-Jitsu or getting itpn good cardio shape is 85-90% awareness driven, knowledge is often the final piece that puts everything into place.  It’s the ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear’ concept.

Back to ‘raising’ awareness, that’s a mysterious and largely individual thing, but at the end of the day it amounts to getting quiet and learning to respect our common sense over outside advice that’s usually externally oriented and misses the heart of the matter:  Us. =)

Compare the above with beating yourself up to get more disciplined and focused.  It’s intended to be positive, but Gonzo:




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