Mindsets: Passive vs. Active Focus

Wanted to point out that there’s a massive difference between survival based ‘if not careful here I’m going to get choked the out’ during sparring, and consciously trying to improve something specific through concentrated effort.

Sparring awareness really doesn’t require much because if we don’t pay attention our arm is going to get ripped off.  In some ways this primal context is the same thing as paying the most attractive dancer in a strip club for a lap dance and patting yourself on the back for how ‘aware’ you were during song’s duration:

Back to topic, working the trap and roll/umpa escape until it’s basically unstoppable against white through black belt is what we’re looking for when it comes to ‘practice.’

Coming full circle, sparring is going to be a part of this journey to the degree we’re intentional about it, spending considerable amounts of time focusing and re-focusing.

Such attention to detail usually occurs at a snails pace which is why we rarely encounter some one who can easily trap and roll us from mount with a position as boring as the umpa.


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