Training: Speed vs. Subtleties

We all love the idea of getting a ‘missing piece’ from a seminar, class, or dvd set that seamlessly fits into our game with little or no effort on our part.

Another desire along these lines is the speed with which we can implement things.

The problem with these notions is depth takes time.

Yeah, we are going to pick up on some things faster, and certain things are going streamline themselves in sooner than others, but we shouldn’t base our learning strategy on such anomalies!

Building depth requires planning, prioritizing, focus, and patience.

It’s the opposite of looking to capitalize by learning new positions no one else knows yet.  Rather, it’s learning the positions everyone knows at a far deeper level of structure, timing, and understanding within a whole.

This is where the magic is, because such understanding is so subtle it’s not easily duplicated, reconstructed, or marketed for that matter =):





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