Commentary: Thoughts On Blue Belt Instruction

A buddy texted me a few days ago asking what I thought about some of the blue belt instruction going on, certification intensives, and online learning..

I said I loved the idea of a uniform curriculum and testing standards.  Also, you have to start somewhere!  So, from an educational standpoint, they’re a great thing. =)

The thing to remember though, and why criteria as pointed out in the previous post is important, is the relative beginner who went and completed a two-week ‘instructor’ intensive is still a beginner two weeks deeper into their Jiu-Jitsu joruney!

If one tries to sell the above fact as something it isn’t to some one with 5-10 years of mat time, you’re coming across naive at best (keep in mind 5-10 years of thoughtless ‘training’ doesn’t necessarily entitle us to anything either).

Back to the main point, substance takes time and is a lifetime process.  Jiu-Jitsu changes, we change, our bodies change.  Depth occurs over the course of many phases and learning cycles.

To put all this into perspective, imagine what kind of background and experience Stephen King would expect if you told him you ‘taught’ creative writing:






One thought on “Commentary: Thoughts On Blue Belt Instruction

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