Mindsets: Action & Creativity

To elaborate more on active versus passive creativity post below, act-ive creativity means what it implies:  Action.

So simple, but it’s all to easy for us to take credit for the ‘good’ and/or personalize ‘bad’ things that happen more by chance than anything else.  Granted, we want to take as much responsibility as we can for things so we don’t keep putting ourselves in same situation over and over, but you get the point.

Further, action isn’t necessarily hard, but it has a distinctly different aesthetic than passive orientations in that it requires inertia.  The funny thing is, we still have the same ups and downs here as when passive, but at the end of the day consistent, focused, action creates ability to do more.

Next, as previously hinted at, an increased ability isn’t going to make us happier.  In fact it may make us MORE miserable, delusional, injury prone if it’s an extension of a growing ‘more equals more’ mentality.

Lastly, wanted to point out that the ever popular law of attraction (think positive = attracting positive things you want in life) doesn’t create happiness or ability very well…

First off, having to manage every negative thought that comes into our mind strikes me as self-absorbed and a lot of work!

Secondly, believing managing thought is the pathway to attracting positive things and/or ability is a road moving AWAY from the do or do not simplicity of action!

Keep it simple sweetness. =)

As far as happy…  Well, that’s beyond the scope of this blog, but just remember love is mysterious thing that’s more a part of you than your name, interests, passions, or personal history.

I think with Jiu-Jitsu we often screw things up by using to build our personal history. Again, too much work!  Have fun and be simple.



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