Training: Trail Running & Reps

Running is essentially repetition of motor movement the human body is wired for.  Like any other skill, we smooth out this genetic potential and get faster through repetition.

The disconcerting/empowering thing depending on how we look at it is, it took me a year and a half consistently running before I felt light on my feet!  Dude, that’s a crapload of hours and reps for something the body is supposedly bio-engineered for!

Not ‘fast’ yet by any means, but what running taught me is that there’s no end to how smooth and efficient you can make a single position in Jiu-Jitsu through repetition geared training (this includes but not limited to warm-up, daily routine, or specified drilling that takes of the entirety of a training session).

The natural question that follows is, are we working on perfecting positions or settling for serviceable?



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