Mind States: Emptying The Cup (Intuitive Training #2)

Emptying the cup is much more challenging than it sounds, as it’s about giving up things we often feel are an essential part of our nature for something more.

Also, it can mean surrendering something that’s worked fairly well up to now for increased effectiveness.

So in a lot of respects emptying the cup is akin to jumping off a psychological cliff with no immediate reward in sight.

The above is where a bit of faith comes in, because a least part of what we’re after is seeing that what we was thought was a leap, was our refusal to let go of the mental teddy bear we’ve got a death grip on.

Also, this is where ‘branding’ can hurt people, companies, and institutions as it breathes life into self-image and all the comparing, proving, and justifying that goes along with it.

open mind



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