Martial Arts & Gurus Part #3: More On Self-Awareness

Awareness is as human, on-going, and prevalent as the skin we live in.  As alluded to in previous post, consciousness is just as present on the mat as off, so don’t care for the idea of ‘deifying’ Jiu-Jitsu time.  Fresh thinking and insight can happen anytime to the degree we’re open to it.


In the context of a self-awareness and the Guru, the tricky thing there is they can point us in a direction, but we’re the ones who have to see truth for ourselves.

Projecting an idea of liberation onto a source (i.e. religious texts) or individual outside ourselves is just another mind-fudge that keeps us from the clarity we’re seeking.

So what blocks us from the freedom clarity imbues?  Well, generically, it’s belief.

Sounds simple enough, but the function of a belief is to prove itself, so thought patterns of this nature can incredibly difficult to spot real-time.  Often too, there is a lot of pleasure, if not identity associated with a particular belief, so they be can very challenging to give up for an experience as yet unknown.

Further, in a religious or even a Jiu-Jitsu community, presenting or seeking an alternative interpretation of whatever flavor being offered can result in ostracization or even death.

It follows, a social or actual grave in exchange for truth is no easy jump to make, and these are often the spaces from which miracles arise:

Wrapping up, that’s my take on ‘enlightenment,’ which to my understanding is a process.  I will elaborate more on knowledge, skill-sets, and learning actual tech in coming post(s).



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