Mind States: Yet Another Humility Take

‘Humility’ exists only in relation to stories we have about ourselves.

Stories are cool and fun.  Trust me, I relish the smell of used bookstores and comic book shops.

amazing stories

The problem is taking our stories seriously.

I didn’t put the time in to reach Black Belt to feel bad about a Blue or Purple tapping me out. Hell, more than likely a Purple has invested a lot of time in the position he or she catches me with.  Feeling bad in this case isn’t misguided, it’s delusional.

Also, sometimes my Jiu-Jitsu just isn’t that great.  I should be able to slow down, or at least nullify a stronger, faster, younger opponent, but my technique doesn’t always live up to the billing.  That’s why I keep showing up:

To deepen understanding and refine application.

Black is the new White son:




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