Study: Chasing Fundamentals vs. Training Partners

Image result for practicing than playing

Searching for, studying, and training fundamentals is what makes Jiu-Jitsu easy.

All too often though, we get drawn into responding to and defending whatever our training partners are doing.

While this is natural and even useful in refining fundamentals, the vast majority of people we train with will likely be chasing some combination of:

A) Positions that leverage their natural attributes; B) Aesthetic preferences; C) Whatever is trendy at the moment.

In other words, they probably aren’t pursuing fundamentals for the sake of fundamentals.

This above is fine, but there will come a time when this person will be exposed to a practitioner who is extremely fundamentally sound, and walks all over them with relative ease.

At this point they will be faced with deciding whether to continue on the path they’re on with diminished returns, or returning to square one.

Lesson: Start at square one from square one.  If you find yourself at square two, go back to square one.  Simplicity isn’t exciting, hence we often fly right by it.


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