Mind States: Insight vs. Effort

Maybe it was from the book and movie ‘Dune,’ but once believed in the concept of expanding one’s awareness.

Now realize, it’s more about being open to what’s already there.

Expansion implies mental effort which actually gets in the way of a grounded, present oriented mind.

And yes, it DOES take mental effort to learn something  (even here though there’s diminishing returns with trying to hard versus calming down, noticing, and taking one step at a time), but in the context of awareness it’s something we already HAVE.

It like the concept being in such a rush to find our keys that we don’t feel them in our hand.

Mind States: Success vs. Chilling

Something recently realized was the tendency to try and leverage whatever insights or leaps in I had awareness to improvement in a given area.  For the sake of this blog, we’ll say it’s Jiu-Jitsu.

Have moved from the above to being aware when I get caught up in my thinking, and chilling out accordingly.

While this may or may not lead to ‘success,’ it’s more directly related to enjoying the here and now and responding in kind.

Mind States: Making Hard, Easy

Jiu-Jitsu is the art of making something hard (managing and controlling a bigger, stronger, faster opponent) easy.

In other words, the application should be easy, otherwise it’s going to be difficult to apply under the goals and circumstances we’ve set for ourselves…

The difficultly lies in:

  1.  Studying, searching for, and discovering applications, as there is a lot of ‘Jiu-Jitsu’ out there that depends on flexibility, athleticism, cardio, and/or our training partner not being very good.
  2. Training above applications until they’re muscle memory.
  3. Continually refining, updating, and expanding our knowledge base.  Preferably everyday.

Great Jiu-Jitsu…it’s hard, but easy….

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October 2016 Notes

October Reads:  ‘Exquisite Mind’ by Terry Rubenstein, ‘Pines’ by Blake Crouch, ‘Neverwhere’ by Neil Gaiman, ‘Hardcore Zen’ by Brad Warner.

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Media:  Started and enjoyed ‘Luke Cage’ on Netflix, and watched the first and last ‘Rambo’ movies from box set friend lent me.

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Also, in thick of football season for the Oregon Ducks, and although not the season I hoped for in Win-Loss column, happy to see the kids sticking together through massive criticism; plus we there’s a hometown boy star in the making:

Jiu-Jitsu:  Back to Jiu-Jitsu more or less full-time with Mountain Biking in the books this year.  Henry Akins understanding of the fundamentals versus mine is black versus white belt, so am pretty much overhauling entire with Henry’s insights.

If picking one position worked on most it would be the belly down escape from cross-sides bottom.  Also, working a fair bit of solo-drills.

Personal:  Been working back to getting up @ 5am on regular basis.  Used to do this, but got out of the habit.  Nice to get something productive done before day has started. =)