Training: Intention, Accident, & Insight

The nature of insight is you can’t predict when it will happen, but you can increase the likelihood of it happening through being intentional.

By contrast showing up to spar without any plan in place is a crapshoot, as yes we can still have insight (they are after all unpredictable), but it’s insight by accident.

‘Training’ implies there’s something specific to be ‘trained’ and we’re following that intention to some degree.


November 2016 notes

BJJ Positions studied:  Posture inside Closed Guard, cross-choke & Rickson one-step armlock from Closed Guard bottom, Attacks from Mount Top (cross-choke, americana, straight armlock combination with focus on cross-choke), holding Open Guard bottom against standing Guard passer and Knee-Shield Open Guard.

BJJ Training:  Positional reps followed by progressively resistant positional sparring.   Not much free sparring right now.  Feel like I’m going from white to blue again. Rebuilding some foundations methodologically and positionally.

Media:  Still crawling through Netflix’s Luke Cage, and took in me some Dr. Strange in dazzlin 3D:

Image result for dr strange artwork

Books Finished:  ‘Dark Gods’ by T.E.D. Klein, ‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelley, ‘Nuggets of Wisdom’ by Elsie Spittle, ‘Invisible Power: Insight Principles at Work’ by Ken Manning, Robin Charbit, Sandra Krot, ‘The View from the Cheap Seats’ by Neil Gaiman.  Short Stories/Novellas:  ‘The Magic Shop’ by H.G. Wells, ‘The Night Cyclist’ by Stephen Graham Jones, ‘Man with No Name’ by Laird Barron.

Image result for dark gods book ted klein

Cardio/ Strength Training:  Time of year when I hit the treadmill.  Trying to run steeper intervals during a longer time period at slower pace, but may alternate this with faster, shorter runs.   Also, looking to add some strength training, just a matter of finding the right fit schedule-wise.  Dance as joint mobility, coordination strength, and balance.

Personal:  Had a few things not go my way this month, and let myself be sad and mad respectively (accepting emotions), even though I knew neither were logical responses!

Also, apologized for something the second time in my adult life, reminding me I still have a long ways to go; and to not be as judgemental of others no matter how stupid a behavior seems.