Training: 3 Kinds of Mindfulness

A hurdle Jiu-Jitsu folks often have to jump through if they haven’t done much drilling compared to sparring, is slowing down and being more mindful.

The problem is, when sparring, if we think too much we get our asses kicked.  So yes, it’s mindful, but in a survival oriented context!

Conversely, during repetition style drilling, it’s naturally more of a challenge to be mindful, as attention lapses don’t result in being strangled!  As such, I liken this to meditation where our drill or intention acts as a mantra of sorts, re-focusing us when we get off track.  Discipline son, discipline.  Don’t be lazy and just free roll if that wasn’t your goal.  Work the work.

Rigan Machado on these two different training methods:

To recap, we currently have a survival oriented mindful, and a repetition based mindful.

The third is data oriented mindful, where we’re trying to process a combination of new, complex, or detailed information.  Picture eyes glazing over or nodding off as we’re trying assemble all the individual parts that make up position, or during a seminar style information dump.

Probably the best advice I’ve heard is studying data heavy material in 20 minute chunks with brief rest periods in between as outlined here by Dr. Chris Dula:

So there you have it, three types of mindful: Survival, Repetition, and Data.



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