Study: Absorbing Technique through Relaxation

One of many legendary Rickson Gracie stories is him crushing people with leg locks ONE DAY after being shown by Erik Paulson.  Rickson explains this a bit in his epic Joe Rogan interview, saying the leg attacks naturally fit into his game.

Even with proper fitting and Rickson’s deep understanding of body mechanics, the above story illustrates a steep learning curve by anyone’s standard!

Still, some things we CAN do though to heighten our learning capacity is:

  1. Be inspired by this story.
  2. Believe it IS possible to learn this quickly some of time.
  3. Relax, relax, relax.

Relaxation is key in any learning scenario, because excess tension reinforces the fact that we don’t ‘have it’ yet; otherwise we wouldn’t be bull-rushing our way to competence.

To reiterate, relax and let process run it’s course.  If it’s worth our time, we’ll take the time, but let’s not get in our own way before we start.


Rickson with as nasty of a leg lock combination I’ve seen circa early 90’s (eat your heart out ‘new school’) @ 4:01-4:50:

Erik Paulson demoing some of his Leg Lock technique:

Rickson’s Joe Rogan interview:



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