Training: 3 Focused Learnin’ Areas

Big on 3’s right now; have no idea why…

3 areas of focus in words: Fun, Legacy, & Competence.

Fun topical focus is doing whatever the hell you feel like focusing on in a given moment.  While this sounds a bit lazy, it actually allows room for your subconscious to flow and give you access to information that isn’t readily available when you try to plan every step of your Jiu-Jitsu path.  It’s Zen sh*t:  Focus with no focus.

Legacy topical focus is kinda the opposite of the above, even though it’s still fun.  It’s focusing on a specific topic at least 6 months.  6 months isn’t written in stone, but the idea is we are in an LTR with a position instead of hopping from bed to bed.  This is where we build depth of understanding.  We’re disciplined here: Zen sh*t.

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Competence topical focus will be defined as taking the soberest look possible at our game and addressing holes as they come up.  These holes will generally be revealed in sparring or by a coach.  This isn’t by nature as fun as fun (unless our attitude is humble and gracious), and we aren’t going to suss out holes in a legacy project because that’s more apt to be a strength than anything else.  Honesty: Zen sh*t too.

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