February 2018 Journal

Books Finished:  ‘Darkness There:  Selected Tales’ by Edgar Allan Poe;  ‘Fire and Fury:  Inside the Trump White House’ by Michael Wolff;  ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll.

Image result for darkness there illustrationImage result for darkness there corley

Trails Ridden:  Brice Creek, North Shore Trail, Catamount.

Jiu-Jitsu Studied:  Elbow Escape from Mount, Trap and Roll from Quarter Bottom North-South and Side-Ride, Kick-Over Escape from Side-Control Bottom, Rear Mount Escapes from Top Rear Mount, Underhook escapes from Cross-Sides bottom and using connection to escape.

Movies/TV:  ‘Gerald’s Game,’ ‘1922,’ ‘Black Panther,’ ‘The Ritual,’ ‘Stranger Things:  Season 2.’

7d25cd61 11d0 4d57 a0f3 7be75d7c2d1c dustin steve 2 Steve Harrington Is the Greatest Stranger Things Character, and Here Are All the GIFs to Prove It


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