June 2018 Journal

Books finished:  ‘Destroyer’ by Victor LaValle, Dietrich Smith;  ‘The Space Within’ by Michael Neill.

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Mountain Bike rides:  Storey Burn-Brown Camp Loop-Gales Creek w/Dials, Leif Erickson out & back + Saltzman-Firelane 5, Surveyor’s Ridge-NF 17 Loop, Bobblehead (cleaned)-Bullet (drops not cleaned)-Catamount, Stubb Stewart (Hare’s Canyon-Unfit Settlement-Shoofly-Lokie’s Lollilop-Crazy Train), Knebal Springs Loop-Eightmile Loop, Upper Taylor Creek/Jedi Trail, Brown Mtn.-High Lakes Loop.

Runs:  Tryon Short Loop for 30 min. @ aerobic HR.

Movies:  ‘Solo,’ ‘Hereditary,’ ‘Always,’ ‘The Big Lebowski’ @ Hollywood Theater, ‘Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’ @ Varsity Theater (Ashland).

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