Back to BJJ writing: Effortless Discipline

Long layoff on trainin’ writin!!’

Having been doing a ton of mountain biking this summer, something I’ve realized is that the more joyful we are, the less ‘discipline’ it takes to do things we’d otherwise consider ‘tedious.’

If fact, doing such tedious things becomes more of a joy than ‘spoiling’ ourselves with something.

Trust joy, trust lightness of heart.

Guess on the flip-side you never know where these things will take you (gleefully closing in on 50 mountain bike rides this summer, something I’d never dreamed was possible without some degree of grim discipline and focus).


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August 2018 Journal

Trails ridden:  Swiftwater to Tioga Bridge out & back, Tioga Bridge-Mott Trailhead-Hwy 38 loop, Mary’s Peak loop, Eagles Rest-Goodman Creek Loop, Newberry Crater Loop, Peterson Ridge out & back w/Eagle’s Rock section, Tyler’s Traverse Loop, Timberline to Town w/Uncle Ben, Gales Creek-Storey Burn Loop.


Gym:  Random Hill 9-20 levels @ THR, Random Hill 11-20 levels @THR.

Books finished:  ‘Gone South’ by Robert McCammon; ‘Batman’ Novelization by Craig Shaw Gardner, Read by Roddy McDowall.  Novellas:  ‘Tortured Souls:  The Legend of Primordium’ by Clive Barker.

McCammon on ‘Gone  South:’

Podcasts:  GrappleTv Podcast featuring Henry Akins w/Felicia Oh & Kenny Jewel –

Movies/TV:  ‘Ram Dass, Going Home,’ ‘The Imitation Game,’ ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout,’ ‘Just Before Dawn.’

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Jiu-Jitsu: Passing Leg Weave & Spider Guards, Turtle bottom from Belly Down escape.

New DJ Bike purchase:  Pic forthcoming.