October 2018 Journal

Books finished:  ‘The Hobbit’ by J.R.R. Tolkien; ‘Dying To Be Me’ by Anita Moorjani.

Trails Ridden:  Bobblehead-Catamount, Ape Canyon-Plains of Abraham, Leif-Saltzman-FL 5, Browns Camp Loop, Alsea Falls Loop + Gut Robber & Whistlepunk, Goodman Creek Loop, FL 10-Newton-BPA Lollipop, A-T-C-A.

Podcasts listened:

‘ScoopDuck Podcast Ep. 1:’  https://scoopduck.com/s/2375/podcast-ep-1

‘ScoopDuck Podcast Ep. 2:’  https://scoopduck.com/s/2395/podcast-ep-2/2

‘ScoopDuck Podcast Ep. 3:’ https://scoopduck.com/s/2417/podcast-ep-3

‘ScoopDuck Podcast Ep. 4:’ https://scoopduck.com/s/2451/podcast-ep-4—101618/2

‘ScoopDuck Podcast Ep. 5:’ https://scoopduck.com/s/2480/podcast-episode-5-1023

ScoopDuck Podcast Ep. 6:’  https://scoopduck.com/s/2511/podcast-episode-6—1030

‘Just Riding Along’ – “Thirty Minutes or Less” (April 24, 2018 #988)

‘Racer X Podcast:  John Tomac:’ https://racerxonline.com/2016/04/13/racer-x-podcast-john-tomac

‘Finding More Time to Ride Your MountainBike:’  https://www.singletracks.com/blog/mtb-podcast/podcast-finding-more-time-to-ride-your-mountain-bike/

‘Movies/TV watched:  ‘Halloween’ (2018), ‘First Man,’ ‘Suspiria’ (1977).

Jiu-Jitsu:  Akins/Rickson Solo-Drills, Quarter/Turtle bottom.