June 2019 Journal

Mountain Bike Rides:  Stub Stewart from Parking Lot: Beginner DH 2x-Greenhorn Full 3x, Eichler Park, Forest Park: Up FL 1-Down FL 2-Down Lower FL 1, Eichler Park, Magic Carpet w/Huck Finn, Stub Stewart from Parking Lot: Beginner DH 3x-Greenhorn Full 3x, Holman-FL 1 Super D, Swiftwater NUT 4 mile out & back (downed trees), Gales Creek out & back to Bell Camp Rd., Eichler 6/21 morning session, Stub Stewart from Buxton: Unfit Settlement-Beginner DH 1x-Greenhorn 2x-Shoofly-Crazy Train, Storey Burn-University Falls-Gales Creek figure 8, M.O.T.R.: Rat Pack-Darkside-Armbar-Freewheel, Mt. Ashland: Off Shoot-Bull Gap-Lynx-Catwalk-Toothpick-Caterpillar-Lizard-Jabberwocky.

Books read:  ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ by David Goggins; ‘Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire: A 500-Year History’ by  Kurt Andersen.

Movies:  ‘This Is Spinal Tap,’ ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix,’ ‘The Vanishing’ (2019), ‘Follow Me (Anthill Films),’ ‘From the Inside Out (Anthill Films),’ ‘Won’t Back Down: The Steve Peat Story,’ ‘Unreal (Anthill Films),’ ‘Return to Earth (Anthill Films).’

Jiu-Jitsu: Bridging.

Podcasts:  ‘ScoopDuck in Hi-Fi’ Episodes #34-35.

May 2019 Journal

Mountain Bike Rides:  Stubb Stewart: Main Parking – Greenhorn Full 3x – Beginner DH 4x, Mac Forest featuring Green Dragon, Whoopdee, Leif-Up FL 1-Down FL 2, Stubb Stewart f/ Buxton Enterance, Up FL 1-Down 2-Saltzman-Down 5, M.O.T.R.: Rat Pack-Breakdown-Pay Dirt, Ashland Super D: Off Shoot-Bull Gap-Upper & Lower Lynx-Catwalk-Toothpick-Caterpillar-Lizard-Jabberwoky, Browns Camp Loop.

Movies/TV:  ‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor,’ ,’Get Out,’ ‘Game of Thrones season 8: Episodes #4-6.’Image result for get out movie


Books Finished: ‘What the F**k Are the Three Principles?: And 18 Other Questions Answered from So-Called Wisdom’ by Amir Karkouti; ‘The Spirit of Kaizen: Creating Lasting Excellence One Small Step at a Time’ by Leigh Ann Hirschman and Robert Maurer.

Podcasts:  ‘ScoopDuck in Hifi’ Episodes #31-33.