September 2019 Journal

Mountain bike rides: Mt. Ashland: Time Warp-Catwalk-Toothpick-Caterpillar-Lizard-Jabberwocky, Forest Park: Up FL 1-Down 2-Up 3-Down 5-Down Lower 1, Magic Carpet: Magic Carpet Full-Gnomer-Huck Finn, Forest Park: Up Holman-Down FL 1 (bladder burst), Alsea Enduro Loop, Forest Park: Leif Erickson Out n’ Back-Up Springville-Down FL 7, Greer Bike Park, Eichler Park.

Books Read: ‘The Last Season’ by Eric Blehm; ‘The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All’ by Laird Barron.

Movies/TV: ‘The Boys’ Season #1, ‘It Chapter Two.’

Jiu-Jitsu Rersearch: Armlock Defense & Offense, Henry Akins Weight Distribution from Cross-Side Top @ SBG PDX, Cross-Side Escapes, Matt Serra/Renzo Gracie Q & A, Turtle Bottom, Roger Gracie NY Seminar, Henry Akins Scarf Hold @ Balance Studios, Henry Akins Cross-Side Attack System @ Gracie Kentucky, Guard Passing @ SBG Niagra.

JJ Training: 9/12 (Roth, Carlos, Michelle, Manos, Payson), 9/15 (Yee x2, Bobby, Michelle, Craven, Larsen x2), 9/17 Cross-sides workshop w/ with Uncle Ben, 9/24 Cross-Sides workshop w/ Uncle Ben.

Miscellaneous: Italiano 47th birthday party, Labor Day visit to Parents, Ducks vs. Nevada, Ducks vs. Montana, Duck vs. Stanford, Phoebe Birthday Party, Nemesis Payson & Chris promotions, Stanford vs. Beavs, Washington vs. USC.

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