December 2019 Journal

Bike rides:  Eichler (too wet), Forest Park: Holman-FL 1-Saltzman-FL 5-WW-FL 3, Forest Park: FL 1-FL2, MOTR: Sasquatch, NUT Swiftwater Out & Back to Bob’s Butte, North Shore Out & Back to Ivan Oaks.

Books/Short Stories read: ‘Mudder Tongue’ by Brian Evenson.

Jiu-Jitsu sessions: 12/2 Sparring w/ Stewart x2, Legs x2, Michelle, Four-Eyes, Peyson, Roth, 12/7 Sparring with Nate, 12/8 workshop with Dialz, 12/13 rolls with Big Daniel, Ryan, AJ, Stewart, Kelly, more???, 12/15 Cross-sides top killing near-side arm, and cross-side escape workshop with Dialz, 12/16 Sparring w/Stewart, Kelly, Chris, David, Michelle, Four-Eyes, Manos, 12/20 Sparring w/Eric (30 min.), David, Four-Eyes 12/31 Stewart NYE Rolls with Mike 2x?, Stewart 2x, David 2x, Stewart’s Friend, White Belt can’t remember name.

Movies: ‘Knives Out,’ ‘Green Book,’ ‘The Rise of Skywalker,’ ‘Wine Country.’

Miscellaneous: Italiano Christmas Party, Ducks beat Utah for Pac-12 Championship, Mazik’s 1st B-day, Nemesis Christmas Party, Tina’s Christmas Party w/Spanish Coffee Co-piloting, Christmas with Mom & Ron (Green Book), Ethan’s Birthday Party, Christmas with Wassom’s, Rack-O and Monopoly w/ Caty & El, Umqua Valley Festival of Lights, Dinner @ True Kitchen + Bar, Annual night out with Schaaf & Anderson (10 pitchers of Coors Light), Perusing Newly Combined Smith Family Bookstore (Mephisto Waltz Purchase, Staying @ Jean & Roger’s Sun-Tues w/ Jean’s home cooking.