November 2018 Journal

Reading finished:  ’30 Days of Night’ (Audible edition) by Steve Niles, Ben Templesmith, R.S. Belcher;  ‘Elevation’ & ‘Laurie’ by Stephen King.

Trails ridden: Whoopdee, FP figure 8: Holman, FL 2-Leif-FL 3-Skyline-FL 2-Leif, Magic Carpet shuttles, NUT Swiftwater out & back 8.6 miles, NUT Swiftwater out & back 10.1 miles.


ScoopDuck Podcast Episode #7:

ScoopDuck Podcast Episode #8:—111318

ScoopDuck Podcast Episode #9:—112018

ScoopDuck Podcast Episode #10:—112718

Jiu-Jitsu: Back escapes, Cross-side escapes w/ Underhook, Mount escapes, Knee-Ride escapes,

Movies/TV:  ‘Planes, Trains, and Automobiles’ @ Mission Theater, ‘American Made,’ ‘Christmas Vacation’ @ Mission Theater.

MTB Skills:  Manual, Trackstand, Cornering, Bunny Hops.


October 2018 Journal

Books finished:  ‘The Hobbit’ by J.R.R. Tolkien; ‘Dying To Be Me’ by Anita Moorjani.

Trails Ridden:  Bobblehead-Catamount, Ape Canyon-Plains of Abraham, Leif-Saltzman-FL 5, Browns Camp Loop, Alsea Falls Loop + Gut Robber & Whistlepunk, Goodman Creek Loop, FL 10-Newton-BPA Lollipop, A-T-C-A.

Podcasts listened:

‘ScoopDuck Podcast Ep. 1:’

‘ScoopDuck Podcast Ep. 2:’

‘ScoopDuck Podcast Ep. 3:’

‘ScoopDuck Podcast Ep. 4:’—101618/2

‘ScoopDuck Podcast Ep. 5:’

ScoopDuck Podcast Ep. 6:’—1030

‘Just Riding Along’ – “Thirty Minutes or Less” (April 24, 2018 #988)

‘Racer X Podcast:  John Tomac:’

‘Finding More Time to Ride Your MountainBike:’

‘Movies/TV watched:  ‘Halloween’ (2018), ‘First Man,’ ‘Suspiria’ (1977).

Jiu-Jitsu:  Akins/Rickson Solo-Drills, Quarter/Turtle bottom.

10/25/18: Daily JJ Epiphany #9: Tale of Two Underhooks

Studying Henry Akins ‘Mind Blown’ online content, realized there were two separate and distinct underhooks being used:

  1. Stretching the arm and pulling the shoulder underneath:  This is used to come out from underneath your opponent and is primarily and escaping mechanic.
  2. The second underhook is where you connect the arm to your opponent and bridge, transferring the power of your bridge into you arm to reverse the top player in one motion.  In this case the arm DOES NOT stretch because we want to stay connected as we bridge.

In summary, evaluate whether we are trying to reverse the opponent or escape (likely coming out the back-door), and use the appropriate underhook mechanic.


10/21/18: Daily JJ Epiphany #7: Trapping the Arm from Cross-Side bottom when between your legs

To counter my underhook from cross-sides bottom, a buddy put his arm between my legs.  To re-counter I made a frame on his jaw to push his head up, which he turned into an underhook of his own! =(

What I needed to do was make sure to trap his arm between my legs with a knee squeeze in order to buy enough time to get the jaw frame in place, and get his head up to capture with far-side leg to go for a Reverse Triangle and/or Guard recovery.



10/16/18: Daily Jiu-Jitsu Epiphany #5: Pull up on the head before using the Car-jack

The car-jack counter, used to expose the throat area when your opponent tucks their chin to defend the cross-collar choke, doesn’t work from mount the training partners’ head is down on the mat…

The car-jack counter works by opening your elbow against the opponents jaw, and repeatedly ratcheting to get under their chin.  Was trying to do this from mount, but it didn’t work because my training partner’s head didn’t have room to move backward.

Need to pull up the bottom player up like Ralek Gracie does here, although not really looking to shake the person like Ralek does.  It’s more of a subtle, digging, foream movement:


10/11/18: Daily JJ Epiphany #2: Limping

‘Limping’ is a technique I’ve termed as such because it’s the opposite of shrimping:  you’re on your side, and going back to flat…

Why the hell would you want to go back flat after getting/being on your side you ask?

Well, it’s used when your opponent has a figure-four grip on your arm, and is setting up an armlock or kimura for north south.  Your ‘limping’ your arm out to break that lock and free your ‘bow.

The technique itself is Henry Akins,’ and not mine to give, but you can find it here, or search:  ‘Henry Akin’s Ultimate Armlocks Escape Course (see Unit #10 & 26):




10/10/18 Daily JJ Epiphany #1

When using underhooks to frame against the body and escape:  You’re primarily using the underhook to shrug your opposite shoulder back and away before getting to your knees.  This shrug creates an angle that makes it difficult if not impossible to flat-back you on a re-counter.