Training: Intention to Detail

The reason why drilling helps us is because it forces us to be intentional.

Intention in turn focuses attention towards specifics and detail.

Remember, it doesn’t really matter how you drill, so much as using drilling as a creative means for being intentional.

Keep in mind Jiu-Jitsu is about subtleties over strength and speed.  Such subtleties are simple, but take time before they’re cognitively and kinesthetically grasped.



January 2017 notes

Books finished:  ‘Where the Red Fern’ grows by Wilson Rawls; ‘Creepy Archives Vol. 1,’ by Archie Goodwin, various artists; ‘The Practice of Practice’ by Jonathan Harnum.

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Magic/Mentalism:  Eugene Burger Penguin Live lecture,  ‘Will To Read’ DVD and scripting.

Dance:  Tick wave, arm movement and synchronization, squats.

Jiu-Jitsu Training:  Back to solo-drills and drop-ins.  Worked cross-sides top and open guard earlier in the month. Currently working cross-sides and turtle bottom.

Media & Entertainment:  Probably overdosed watching lead-up to Oregon Football’s national signing day and seeing new staff assembled.  Fun seeing the coaches scramble to get what turned out to be super solid class in limited time frame.

Conditioning:  Another fairly lazy month with weather hazards, but still managed to increased kettlebell weight and reps.  Cardio declined a bit due to inactivity.

Personal:  Becoming better at making short term, reasonable goals as opposed to going epic and sputtering out.  When framed properly goals are motivating.  Shoot for small and push for more if session warrants it; but the key is starting.  Also, the more you can note and track things, the better results.  Every little bit helps.





Two Thoughts on Evolution

Blog has kinda died and turned into a journal of sorts, but here are two ‘evolutionary’ nugs:

Our first instinct is often NOT the most efficient option; likely being a result of habitual, conditioned thinking.

Along these lines, thought is flows to the degree we observe it.

Next, evolution implies we are continually outgrowing things. =)


December 2016 notes

Books Finished:  ‘Creepy Presents: Bernie Wrightson’ by Bernie Wrightson; ‘Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol.1’ (collects Darth Vader #1-12) by Kieron Gillen, Salvador Larroca; ‘Coach’ by Michael Lewis, ‘Iron Fist Epic Collection: The Fury of Iron Fist’ (collects Marvel Premiere #15-25, Iron Fist #1-15, Marvel Team-Up #63-64) by Chris Claremont, John Byrne, Roy Thomas, Gil Kane; ‘The Most Wonderful Tales of the Year’ by Audible Narrators.

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John Byrne Iron Fist Art

Media & Entertainment:  My Duckies land a new football coach in Willie Taggart.  Loving the energy thus far!  Also had lots of fun watching ‘Rogue One,’ ‘Stretch and Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives,’ and halfway through Netflix’s ‘Hip-Hop Evolution’ Series.

Jiu-Jitsu Training:  Per training partner needs, have backed off attacks from Mount in favor of weight distribution (weight on opponent instead of mat) from Cross-Sides with intent to move into Mount.
Dance:  Tick Wave, Core/Waist movement.
Cardio/Conditioning:  Still hitting treadmill, and started doing kettlebell and calisthenics on off days.  Was LAZY for week and half I had off work at end of the month, but enjoyed it for the most part.  Equally happy to get back into a routine.
Personal:  Nothing major really.  Just breathed in the holidays, and looking to get back on track without overcompensating.

Training: Intention, Accident, & Insight

The nature of insight is you can’t predict when it will happen, but you can increase the likelihood of it happening through being intentional.

By contrast showing up to spar without any plan in place is a crapshoot, as yes we can still have insight (they are after all unpredictable), but it’s insight by accident.

‘Training’ implies there’s something specific to be ‘trained’ and we’re following that intention to some degree.

November 2016 notes

BJJ Positions studied:  Posture inside Closed Guard, cross-choke & Rickson one-step armlock from Closed Guard bottom, Attacks from Mount Top (cross-choke, americana, straight armlock combination with focus on cross-choke), holding Open Guard bottom against standing Guard passer and Knee-Shield Open Guard.

BJJ Training:  Positional reps followed by progressively resistant positional sparring.   Not much free sparring right now.  Feel like I’m going from white to blue again. Rebuilding some foundations methodologically and positionally.

Media:  Still crawling through Netflix’s Luke Cage, and took in me some Dr. Strange in dazzlin 3D:

Image result for dr strange artwork

Books Finished:  ‘Dark Gods’ by T.E.D. Klein, ‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelley, ‘Nuggets of Wisdom’ by Elsie Spittle, ‘Invisible Power: Insight Principles at Work’ by Ken Manning, Robin Charbit, Sandra Krot, ‘The View from the Cheap Seats’ by Neil Gaiman.  Short Stories/Novellas:  ‘The Magic Shop’ by H.G. Wells, ‘The Night Cyclist’ by Stephen Graham Jones, ‘Man with No Name’ by Laird Barron.

Image result for dark gods book ted klein

Cardio/ Strength Training:  Time of year when I hit the treadmill.  Trying to run steeper intervals during a longer time period at slower pace, but may alternate this with faster, shorter runs.   Also, looking to add some strength training, just a matter of finding the right fit schedule-wise.  Dance as joint mobility, coordination strength, and balance.

Personal:  Had a few things not go my way this month, and let myself be sad and mad respectively (accepting emotions), even though I knew neither were logical responses!

Also, apologized for something the second time in my adult life, reminding me I still have a long ways to go; and to not be as judgemental of others no matter how stupid a behavior seems.


Mind States: Insight vs. Effort

Maybe it was from the book and movie ‘Dune,’ but once believed in the concept of expanding one’s awareness.

Now realize, it’s more about being open to what’s already there.

Expansion implies mental effort which actually gets in the way of a grounded, present oriented mind.

And yes, it DOES take mental effort to learn something  (even here though there’s diminishing returns with trying to hard versus calming down, noticing, and taking one step at a time), but in the context of awareness it’s something we already HAVE.

It like the concept being in such a rush to find our keys that we don’t feel them in our hand.

Mind States: Success vs. Chilling

Something recently realized was the tendency to try and leverage whatever insights or leaps in I had awareness to improvement in a given area.  For the sake of this blog, we’ll say it’s Jiu-Jitsu.

Have moved from the above to being aware when I get caught up in my thinking, and chilling out accordingly.

While this may or may not lead to ‘success,’ it’s more directly related to enjoying the here and now and responding in kind.